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Rakaposhi Base Camp Guideline







Rakaposhi Base Camp:

Rakaposhi means “Shiny wall”, in the local language. It is the 27th highest mountain on the planet and is considered one of the most beautiful ones. Rakaposhi mountain glacier is 7,880 meters high, located in the Nagar Valley, Gilgit. It is considered the most iconic from the Karakoram range which can be visible from the Karakoram highway. Hiking to Rakaposhi Base Camp is considered to be one of the best hikes you can do in Pakistan. Most of the tourists hike the Rakaposhi Base Camp along with a guide in 2 or 3 days, depending on the circumstances. However, you can do it all in one day independently.

The Rakaposhi mountain peak is 7,788 m high in the Karakoram mountain range located in the Nagar Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The second local name of Rakaposhi is “Dumani” which means “snow-covered”. It is due to the fact that you can see its peaks of its snow-covered peaks all the way from the Karakoram Highway route that passes through Nagar Valley. You can even see its majestic wall of snow all the way from Hunza Valley.

Rakaposhi Basecamp trek is located in the region of Pissan and Minapin, Nagar Valley, Nagar District. Locals have been living here for around the last 500 years and migrated from surrounding villages with time. Locals visit the Rakaposhi basecamp trek regularly, as it is a natural Pasture for their cattle. 
Rakaposhi basecamp trek is natural Pasture

At 3,500 m, the Rakaposhi base camp is the perfect spot for any hikers to climb and feel the majestic mountain up close. Here is the guide to hiking the Rakaposhi Base Camp independently in one day:

Hiking Map from Minapin to Rakaposhi base camp

What is the best time to Hike Rakaposhi?

The recommended time to hike the Rakaposhi is between May to October, the trails get clear of snow and you are more likely to have a nice clear day. During October Rakaposhi received heavy snowfall, making it difficult to hike. The weather in October can possibly be windy especially on the viewpoint ridge, the temperature may drop below zero at night.

Rakaposhi close up

Things To Pack For Rakaposhi Base Camp Hike:

Here are some necessary things to pack before the Rakaposhi base camp hike:

  • Shoes to Hike: There is no requirement for Rakaposhi trails, these are pretty simple. So normal joggers or sturdy shoes should be enough for the trail.
  • Weatherproof Jackets: It always gets super windy when you’re nearby the ridge before the base camp, so a weatherproof jacket is recommended.
  • Lunch and Snacks: As you will be hiking in the daylight from 8 AM to 4 PM, so be sure to prepare lunch and snacks to regain your energy. The best way is to ask your guesthouse to cook you lunch and borrow their food container for the hike. You can fill the water from the water stream at the Hapakun campsite.
  • Backpack: You will need a backpack to carry all your stuff with you. During the hike, make sure it is light with good capacity.
Rakaposhi Peak View in Nagar Valley - Rozefstourism.com

Getting to Nagar Valley

You can easily take a public van from Gilgit to Nagar Valley then to Pissan or Minapin villages. It will take around 2 hours and it 200 PKR cost.

Where To Stay In Nagar Valley

You can also stay in any guest house in Pissan. There are many guesthouses in Minapin as well, which might be a bit costly for Pakistan standard. However, they do have working hot showers that you will appreciate after a long day hike. Most of the guesthouses also have a nice garden, you can eat lunch and dinner from their restaurant as well.

Guest House in Minapin with green garden green - Nagar Valley

Rakaposhi Base Camp Hiking Trails

From Minapin To Hapakun (3 Hrs One-Way)

Length: 3 hrs one way
Difficulty: Fair

The trail begins straight from the Minapin village, you can ask more about it from the locals. The hike will take around 7 hours without breaks, so it is recommended for you start as early as possible. You need to head south along the road until you spot a bridge to a hydro plant. From here, you will have to follow a gravel way up to the mountain. The path is zig-zag at the beginning, however, it becomes level as you walk through a thick forest.

After the forest, you will be passing through a small local village, while the Minapin Glacier will be able to sight the Minapisn glacier on your left. After the continuous walk on the flat path through the forest for about one hour, you will keep hiking up to the hill until you arrive at the Hapakun campsite.


You will seeing a big white tent on a wide area of grass plain. You can relax here and refill your water from the stream.

On the way from Minapin to Rakaposhi with a nice view - Rozefstourism

From Hapakun To Rakaposhi Base Camp (2 Hrs One Way)

Length: 2 hours Trekking

Difficulty: Hard

From the campsite, the trekking is all up with a steep climb that zigzags through the alpine forest until you are out of the forest. You will start to sight mighty Raka Poshi rising in the background as you came out of the forest.

Keep climbing up the trail till you reach a ridge where you will be able to get a panoramic view of the mountain range and the glacier below it.

The Minapin glacier is rated as probably one of the most beautiful glaciers. Its psychedelic patterns are just more majestic than other glaciers. You can spend some time there, take pictures of the glacier and the beautiful mountains behind it. The amazing view from the ridge makes the tour all worthwhile.

It should be around 12 PM by the time you arrive at the ridge. You can stay here for the next couple of hours, or continue forward to the base camp which is only 15 minutes away from the ridge. However, if you have not reached the ridge by 2 PM, it is recommended to turn back as you will likely be hiking in the dark on your way down. As already mentioned that the temperature can go below zero. If you want to camp then, it is recommended to camp for an overnight stay.

Rakaposhi Base camp | Rakaposhi - Rozefstourism.com

Getting back to minapin

Getting back to Minapin from Rakaposhi, the trial is all down. So, it can take around 2 hrs to descend.

View of Minapin Nagar Valley - Rozefstourism.com

There you have it, you can hike from Minapin to Rakaposhi base camp, then get back in around 8 hours including 2 hours break at the top. Including plenty of time to get nice pictures of the beautiful Rakaposhi mountain and its psychedelic glacier.

Rakaposhi Peak & Glacier View Point from Pissan Village Base Camp [2022]

The other main side to sight the highest peak of the Rakaposhi is via trekking from Pissan village, also known as the gateway to Rakaposhi. It will require 2 hours of trekking toward Rakaposhi after the Rakaposhi Cricket ground. 

Rakaposhi Base Camp via Pissan - Rozefstourism.com

Additionally, you can visit the trending famous Rakaposhi Cricket Ground Gilgit.

Rakaposhi Cricket Ground in Nagar Valley Pissan Village:

Rakaposhi cricket ground is a natural lush green ground, located in Gilgit Pissan Village of Nagar Valley, with 11,500 feet (3,505 m) elevation. The Cricket ground is snow-covered from October to May. 

How to Get to the Rakaposhi Cricket Ground Gilgit?

There are two ways you can get to the Rakaposhi ground, either you can hike, it can take up to 2 hours. The other option is hiring a jeep, it will drop you off near the ground, still, some easy trekking will be required.  

Rakaposhi Cricket Ground Gilgit Picture:

Rakaposhi Cricket Ground - Rozefstourism.com

Continuing Trekking to Rakaposhi Glacier Base Camp via Pissan Village:

Here is the latest picture with a view of the mountains of Hunza Valley and Rakaposhi cricket ground. After 1 hour of trekking from Rakaposhi cricket ground, also known as the Natural Cricket stadium of Gilgit Baltistan. 

Rakaposhi Cricket Ground with Hunza Valley Mountains - Rozefstourism.com

Facilities at Rakaposhi Cricket Ground & Stadium:

Rakaposhi Basecamp has a camping site where tourists can use their own tents or, they can hire tents from the basecamp canteen. Additionally, the canteen can serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

History of Rakaposhi Mountain

The first recorded attempt to climb Rakaposhi was made by Albert F. Mummery and chilling in 1887. They reached a height of 6000 meters before being forced to turn back.

The peak of Rakaposhi is visible from the city of Gilgit, which is located about 30 km to the south. The mountain is also visible from the Hunza valley, which is about 100 km to the north. Rakaposhi has two main peaks, Rakaposhi proper and Diran. Rakaposhi proper is the higher of the two and is the focus of most climbing expeditions.

North Face

The north face of Rakaposhi is a massive wall of rock and ice, rising 6000 m from the Naltar valley floor. The wall has been the scene of a number of serious climbing accidents and has been the site of only a handful of successful ascents.

South Face

The south face of Rakaposhi is much less steep and is the route most often used for ascent. The south face route was first climbed in 1960 by a team of Indian climbers.

The summit of Rakaposhi provides grand views of the Karakoram mountain range, as well as the valleys of Nagar, Hunza, and Naltar.

Rakaposhi and its base camp is a popular destination for climbers and tourists alike. The mountain provides stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. It is also home to a variety of flora and fauna.

Rakaposhi Base Camp Pictures

Rakaposhi Base Camp Minapin Nagar Valley Video

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