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Rozefs Resort – Rakaposhi

Rozefs Resort - Rakaposhi View Point

LocationRakaposhi View Point, Gilgit.

This Rozefs Resort is located right at the Rakaposhi view point, Nagar Valley, Gilgit Baltistan. It has amazing and comfortable rooms along with a view of the Nagar Valley mountains including Rakaposhi. From comfortable beds to tasty dinner & breakfast, it has everything to make your tour to Hunza complete!

Rozefs Tourism presents a hotel and guest house for stay Rakaposhi viewpoint, Nagar Valley. Additionally, this hotel has an amazing view of Rakaposhi glacier mountain. This hotel is located on Rakaposhi view point Karakoram Highway. Here is the complete guide to Rakaposhi base camp from Nagar valley.


Rozefs Resort – Hotel in Rakaposhi viewpoint has comfortable rooms, a traditional hall room, and a Garden with an amazing view of Rakaposhi mountain glacier. This guest house is located right on the Rakaposhi view point at the main Karakoram Highway, Nagar Valley.  Additionally, it is also possible to camp in the relaxing garden, camps are available at the hotel. Moreover, traditional dishes for dining are also available on this hotel, it includes Chapshoro, Gorkun, Shopan, Golee and more.

Hotel room in Rakaposhi Gilgit with Rakaposhi View - Rozefs Tourism
Hotel in Rakaposhi Gilgit with Rakaposhi View - Rozefs Tourism



  • View of Mountains
  • Airport transfer
  • Outdoor dining
  • Free Wifi
  • RestaurantDinner on request. Authentic Traditional Dishes
  • Fresh Fruits from Garden


  • 24 Hour Room Service
  • Free Wifi
  • Daily Newspaper
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Traditional Dinner
  • Comfortable rooms
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
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