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Hotel in Hunza (Traditional)

Rozefs Resort - Hunza Valley

LocationHunza Valley, Gilgit Baltistan.

This Rozefs Resort Hotel for booking is located in Hunza valley, Gilgit Baltistan. It has a pleasant fruitful garden, traditional food, and a view of the Nagar Valley mountains. It has everything to make your tour to Hunza complete!

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Rozefs Tourism presents hotels and guest houses for a stay in Hunza Valley during the Autumn, Winter, Summer, and spring seasons. This hotel has amazing views of the snow-covered peaks of Nagar Valley. Additionally, it has traditional halls, rooms, and a wide grassy garden to make you feel fresh after a long trip. 

Hunza Hotel Accommodation:

Rozefs Resort – Hotel in Hunza Valley has comfortable rooms, traditional hall rooms, and a garden. It also has an amazing view of snow-covered peaks of Nagar valley. It is also possible to camp in the garden, camps are available at this hotel as well. Moreover, traditional dishes for dining are also available at this hotel. You can also enjoy local traditional music, which is subject to availability. 

High standard and comfortable rooms are available in this hotel in Hunza. Moreover, if you want to enjoy a stay in a traditional room then it is also possible. Barbeque in the garden is a must in the Hunza tour, our professional chefs will make the best barbecue in the valley. Moreover, this Hotel gives an amazing view of Hunza Valley in the Autumn season. Additionally, The valley gives a colorful painting look to its visitors, the peaks get coved with snow during the last week of Autumn. 

Double bed in luxury room of hotel in hunza
Bonfire in the garden of hotel in hunza with tourists around it

Facilities at Hunza Hotel

  • View of Mountains (Rakaposhi & Diran Peak)
  • Airport transfer & Rent a Car service
  • Outdoor dining
  • Camping facility
  • Free Wifi
  • Restaurant
  • Traditional Food
  • Fresh Fruits from Garden
  • 24/7 room service

Recommended for:

  • Mountaineers
  • Climbers
  • Rock Climber
  • Families
  • Vacations
  • Trekking
  • Hills & Mountains Sighting
  • Honeymoon

The hotels in Hunza are definitely recommended for tourists who are looking to have an adventurous tour with a comfortable stay. There are also possibilities of traditional meals and music at Hunza hotels, depending on the availability. 

  • Our stay in Hunza in the Autumn season was really good. The valley was way more beautiful than we expected. Rozefs Tourism helped us manage fantastic hotels in Hunza Vally, all of them had good views and service. Thanks.

    Family Stay
  • Rozefs Tourism made our Hunza tour amazing. They helped us manage a car and hotels for stay with outstanding views of Hunza. I highly recommend Rozefs if you want to have good experience in hunza valley.

  • My stay at Hunza hotel was really good, I had many options online, but Rozefs recommended a guesthouse for me. It was the best decision for me, the hotel was so relaxing and the staff was super friendly.   

  • I heard a lot of Hunza Valley from my friends and family. So this summer I decided to visit it with my close friends. The valley is really amazing with enriching history and traditions. We also had to stay in the valley. We were so lucky to stay at this hotel in Hunza, it really added good value to our tour with tasty meals and a peaceful stay. 

hall of hotel in hunza with window

Hunza Valley Hotel Booking

Moreover, this hotel in Hunza is located near KKH (Karakoram Highway), Hunza valley with the availability of various types of rooms. All rooms are equipped with new comfortable beds, sofas, TV, hot water, a balcony, and a nice view of Hunza Valley. Are you looking to have a good time in Hunza with a comfortable hotel to stay in with the best accommodation? then this Hunzai hotel is the answer.

Additionally, after hotel booking, you can also ask the management to arrange local musicians, traditional meals, and many more services in Hunza valley. Above all, you’ll definitely have a good time staying at this hotel in Hunza valley, as it offers an awesome view of Rakaposhi

View from hunza valley hotel summer after noon

In order to book any hotel in Hunza, it is recommended to contact us to confirm the availability. Moreover, you can call us 24/7, our support team is always happy to assist you.

Traditional Meals at Hotel de Hunza 

There are a variety of traditional meals available to serve you at this Hunzi Hotel. This hotel is highly recommended for those tourists who are looking to taste the tradition of Hunza. Meals and old stories with traditional music are the best combination you need to make your trip the best. Moreover, here are the traditional Hunzai/Gilgati dishes you can have at this hotel:

  • Golee
  • Hareesa
  • Chap-shuro
  • Shopan
  • Gitt-ey
  • Hoi-Lo Garma
  • Diram Fitti
  • Daudo
  • Tumoro Tea
  • Fenugreek Soup
  • Gorkun

Hunza lodges offer privacy with an elegant view of the lush green valley and Rakaposhi peaks. The large rooms of this hotel provide a sophisticated residential atmosphere with a perfect urban retreat.

All these experiences will make your trip to Hunza memorable, and make you visit again and again. Moreover, whether it is summer, winter, blossom, or autumn, each season of the year makes Hunza look impressive. 24/7 support is available for this hotel in Hunza.  


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