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Rozefs Resort – Nagar Valley

Rozefs Resort - Hotel in Hunza Nagar Valley

LocationRakaposhi View Point, Giligt

This Rozefs Resort is located in Pissan, Hunza Nagar. Its pleasant fruitful garden, traditional food, and view of the Rakaposhi in the back makes your tour to Hunza complete!

    Rozefs Tourism  presents hotel and guest house for stay in Pissan village, Nagar Valley. Pissan is also the home of Rakaposhi mountain and glacier. The road to Rakaposhi cricket ground starts from Pissan village, it offers the best view of Rakaposhi. Here is the complete guide to Rakaposhi base camp from Pissan as well as Minapin.


    Rozefs Resort – Hotel in Nagar has comfortable rooms, traditional hall room, and Garden with seasonal fruits like Cherry, apples, walnuts and many more. This guest house is located in the Pissan Village, Nagar Valley, which is the land of Rakaposhi and Diran peak. It is also possible to camp in the relaxing garden, camps are available at the hotel. Moreover, traditional dishes for dining are also available on this hotel, it includes Gorkun, Shopan, Golee and more.

    Hotel in Hunza Nagar with Double bed room
    Garden of Hotel in Hunza Nagar


    • View of Mountains
    • Airport transfer
    • Outdoor dining
    • Free Wifi
    • RestaurantDinner on request. Authentic Traditional Dishes
    • Fresh Fruits from Garden

    Recommended For:

    • Families
    • Vacations
    • Trekking
    • Active Holiday
    • Hills & Mountains Sighting
    • Groups Few Rooms have capacity for up to 12 people
    Rakaposhi base camp view - Rozefs Tourism
    Rakaposhi Base Camp trekking tour Gide


    • Sighting Rakaposhi and other Peaks Nearby
    • Trekking
    • Mountain Biking
    • Shopping Traditional Handy crafts
    • Shopping Authentic Gem Stones
    • Groups Camping & Bonfire
    • Rakaposhi Base Camp Visit on Jeep
    • Trekking to Rakaposhi Glacier


    • 24 Hour Room Service
    • Free Wifi
    • Daily Newspaper
    • Tea & Coffee
    • Traditional Dinner
    • Comfortable rooms
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch

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