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Pissan Nagar valley – Gateway to Rakaposhi

Nagar Valley | Rakaposhi view point

Pissan Nagar valley – Gateway to Rakaposhi

Rakaposhi is the 12th highest peak of Pakistan and the world’s 27th height peak, located in the Karakoram mountain range in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. Its front side is situated in Bagrote valley, Nagar Valley, and Daniyor, and its peak side is located in Pissan Village Nagar valley. Rakaposhi is the top point of attraction to tourists in Gilgit Baltistan, specially Hunza Valley, Nagar Valley, Hoper Valley, Attabad, Khunjerab Pass.

The recent discovery of breathtaking lush green cricket ground in Pisan village (Gateway to Rakaposhi) has helped boost tourism in Gilgit Baltistan. Additionally, the views of Rakaposhi along with the hospitality of the people of Nagar and Pissan leave their visitors a memory worth remembering. Unlike fairy meadows, the surrounding area of Rakaposhi has educated, hospitable and friendly locals, you can easily find hotels for stay, traditional food and there are many more things that will make your visit to Rakaposhi worth it. Moreover, the people of Pissan are known as the people of Rakaposhi, as they are living there for years and living a life enriched with the heritage and history of Rakaposhi or Dumani.

Viewpoints of Rakaposhi

Rakaposhi is located in Pissan, Nagar Valley, Gilgit Baltistan. It can be spotted from various viewpoints on the KKH highway, each viewpoint offers a unique view of the Rakaposhi mountain. Here are the viewpoints of Rakaposhi:

  • Sikandrabad
  • Thol
  • Ghulmit
  • Nasirabad
  • Aliabad
  • Karimabad

Additionally, each Rakaposhi viewpoint has facilities for tourists such as hotels to stay in, restaurants, or refreshment tea shops.

Rakaposhi Cricket Ground Pissan

The beautiful lush green cricket ground is also known as a little base camp with an open view of giant Rakaposhi is located in Pissan village of Nagar valley. The location of this ground caught the spotlight last year, even the government of Pakistan has taken a step to make it an official cricket ground.

Additionally, this lush green ground with a view of snow-covered Rakaposhi is not less than a high-class meadow. Tourists tend to camp here, as all the camping facilities are available here. Most of the tourists stay in hotels in Pissan to visit Rakaposhi ground/basecamp the next day via a 4×4 jeep of 2 hours hike. There are hotels available for a stay near Rakaposhi in Pissan village which is the gateway to Rakaposhi. Every tourist has praised this area as the home of calmness and hospitable people.

Seasons in Pissan (Rakaposhi)

Pissan, the home, and gateway to Rakaposhi receive all seasons such as summer, autumn, winter, blossom. Each season gives an amazing view to its visitors.


Summer is the peak season for tourists, the valley turns lush green with clear weather and all glaciers can be clearly sighted. Additionally, the valley produces fruits in summer, and locals export them as well.


During winter the entire valley gets snow-covered, the weather remains cloudy and snowfall gets up to 5 feet. Locals and authorities regularly clear the roads for normal traffic flow. Local of Rakaposhi tend to wear warm clothes during winters and consume dry fruits that they stored in summer. Additionally, in the past Hunza, Nagar, and Rakahposhi had a low amount of tourism during winters, however, it is getting more and more with every year.


Autumn is the best season to visit the valley the surrounding valleys of Rakaposhi turn the area into colorful like a painting. Pissan, Minapin Ghulmit are the surrounding villages and locals of Rakaposhi. Tourists wait a whole year to come and enjoy in Autumn season. The weather gets amazing as well during Autumn, at night it gets a little cold and during daytime it gets bearable warm.


Rakaposhi and its surrounding villages get super attractive during the blossom season. The viewpoints of Rakaposhi in both Nagar valley and Hunza valley give a breathtaking view. Moreover, Rakaposhi locals celebrate an annual festival with the arrival of the blossom season. It starts in March in Gilgit, and it gets to its fullest around 2nd week of March in the surroundings of Rakaposhi.

Facilities for Tourists near Rakaposhi

The way to Rakaposhi is Karakoram highway (KKH), you’ll pass through a few Rakaposhi viewpoints in Nagar Valley. You’ll also find many hotels, restaurants, and tourist spots before turning right to Pissan village which is the gateway to Rakaposhi. You will also find hotels for stay, traditional food, fresh fruits in Pisan with Rakaposh locals. Pissan, being the gateway to Rakaposhi is receiving tourists for years. Locals of Pissan or Rakaposhi treat tourists as their top priority, this is the reason they are more hospitable than any other part of Pakistan or even the world.

Hotel Facilities

Nagar Valley is the Home of Rakaposhi, it is the favorite place of tourists on Hunza and Gilgit tours. There are a lot of standard and traditional hotels available around Rakaposhhi to stay with an amazing view of the valley. There are some specific tractional hotels in the valley as well, such as Pissan village in Nagar offers traditional hotels for stay with the view of Rakaposhi and Hunza valley. They also serve traditional food like gorkun, chapshuru etc.

Bank Facilities

Unlike other northern areas of Pakistan, Gilgit, Hunza, and Nagar valley are super friendly tourist places to visit. You can easily find banks and ATMs at KKH, and even at Khunjerab pass, you can find an ATM.

Rent a Car Facilities

Most of the tourists prefer 4×4 cars such as Prado, Vigo, surf for rent to roam around Nagar valley and Hunza where a normal car is not reachable.

Hunting Facilities

If you’re into hunting ibex or markhor then you will need to have a license. The government of Pakistan issues an ibex hunting license, after that you can hunt the mentioned ibex. You can also contact Rozefs Tourism to acquire a hunting license in Gilgit.

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