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Out Door Activities

Rozefs Tourism Presents Out Door Activities


Camping is an essential out door activity if you are travelling to Northern Areas of Pakistan. It gives you an opportunity to feel nature for real.

The most recommended places for camping includes Rakaposhi base camp, Rakaposhi Cricket ground, Nagar valley, Hoper Valley, Passu Cones,, Attabad Lake etc. 


Boating is the best outdoor activity if you’re visiting lakes. There are well known places where boating is a must, such as Attabad Lake, Saif ul Malook, Mahodand etc. 


Rafting is one of the adventures outdoor activities. Rafting is possible in various northern areas like, in Kunhar river (Naran and Kaghan), the Hunza river (Aliabad), Swat (Bahrain), and the Indus River (Jaglot).  

Rock Climbing

Pakistan boasts the highest rock towers in the world, along with big walls which is a perfect fit for rock climbers. 


Rozefs tourism provides Expedition services such as Rakaposhi, Nanga Parbat, Koyozom, etc.


Paragliding is an adventure sport focusing on free flying adventure activity. Paragliding above the lofty mountains of Karakorum, Himalayas and Hindu Kush and over beautiful valleys of Gilgit is a must.

The most trending place for paragliding in gilgit is in Hopar Valley, Nagar Valley. The Hopar Valley is home to Spantik and Hopar glaciers as well. 

Interested in any Outdoor Activity now?

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