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Hotels in Hunza

Rozefs Tourism Presents Hotels in Hunza

Above mentioned list of Hotels in Hunza Valley is specific hotels in different regions of the Valley. For example, if you decide to stay in Karmiabad, Aliabad, or Passu. Then the Rozefs Tourism provides with are best according to comfort, view, Hospitality, and food.

Locations of Hotels in Hunza Valley: 

Finding a simple hotel in Hunza valley for your stay is simple, however many of the tourists don’t get a satisfactory stay on their tour. This fact motivated us to specifically choose the hotels in Hunza valley which are peaceful, relaxing with an exclusive location. Moreover, we make sure to get you the best deal to stay in any of our hotels in Hunza valley in terms of prices & comfort to make your Hunza tour the best one.

Hunza Valley Charachterisdtics:

As Hunza valley of the Gilgit Baltistan region has many unique features and places that are attractive enough to earn a reputation all over Pakistan as well as overseas. Hunza valley is the main attractive point for both local & international tourists in the summer season. The valley is as green as it could be; thousands of visitors visit Hunza valley each year. Also, tourists who are in love with Hunza valley also tend to visit it in the Autumn season, which has a unique attraction. Moreover, Rozefs Tourism arranges a Winter tour of Hunza valley for you, the valley becomes snow-covered and as marvelous as you can imagine. The Attabad lake gets frozen, the mountains get fully snow-covered and rivers flow with dark blue water.

Hunza Valley in Autumn Season:

Hunza Valley receives full autumn in the last week of October, however, the trees start getting yellow in the 2nd week of October. Additionally, the Valley gives a tremendous look to its visitors in Autumn. 

Hunza Valley Tour in Package:

Autumn is the best season to visit Hunza valley. The valley gives an amazing colorful look of a painting to its visitors, the mountains in the valley get snow-covered and the trees get yellow. The weather gets a little chilly in Hunza in the Autumn season.

Which Hotels to Stay in Hunza Valley in Autumn Season?

As Hunza valley gives a priceless view to its visitors in the Autumn season, totally enjoy your tour your trip must be perfectly planned. Rozefs Tourism designs custom packages to make your stays at the best Hotels in Hunza valley at different locations. For example, Aliabad, Karimabad, Nagar, Pissan, Passu Cones, Attabad lake, etc. You can contact us for booking and to check the hotel Availability in Hunza Valley in this Autumn season.  

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