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Hoper Valley Glacier Nagar Valley

Hoper Valley is located in the district Nagar Valley in district Hunza Nagar, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. Hopar Valley is a home to villages around a natural land bowl at a bend of Altar or Bualtar Glacier also known as Hoper Glacier. On the opposite side of Hopar the white Bualtar or Altar is joined with Barpu Glacier. All three sides of the valley are covered by Hoper glacier.

Hoper Valley - Rozefstourism.com

The Hoper Valley is around 10 km away from Nagar Khas, the core city of the Nagar Valley. Hoper is one of the most scenic lush green valleys of district Nagar. Hopar Valley is the land of the Spantik peak and Hoper (Hopper) glaciers. Hoper is also home to five villages namely Baroshall, Hakalshall, Gshashoshall, Ratal, and Holshall. Additionally, it is mentioned in the history books about Gilgit is that the human population of Gilgit originated from Baroshall. Moreover, it is also possible to trek from Hoper to Skardu. The rush lake is the most attractive tourist destination in the valley.

The Valley is considered as the base camp for trekkers. Further trekking leads to the high glacier peaks known as the Hispar Muztagh. The Hoper village begins from Sapulter har glacier stream and ends at glacier viewpoint in Holshall. After this point you can start trekking, there are also a couple of restaurants and Motels. The people of the valley are native Burushaski speakers, which has always been a mystery for linguists.

Hoper Valley Road Condition:

The new road from Nagar Khas to Hoper Valley is under construction, however, it is still good to go even for small cars. The valley is 4 hours away from Gilgit city, however it is a must-visit in Gilgit Tour. It can take a couple of hours if you are staying in Hunza or Nagar valley hotels.

Road to Hoper Valley under construction on Nagar Khas - Rozefstourism.com

History of Hoper Valley

Aside from being a lush green and charming tourist attraction point, Hoper valley has an ancient history. You can spot ruins of old Forts and settlements as well as ruins of ancient life. Additionally, it is mentioned in the historical book on Gilgit is that the human population of Gilgit originated from the Baroshall village of Hoper.  

History of Hoper Valley ruins of a Fort - Rozefstourism.com

Glaciers in Hoper Valley

There are three glaciers in the Hoper.

  • Hoper Glacier:
    Hoper Glacier has an altitude of 8000 feet (2,438 m) and the nearest town is the Hoper village in Nagar District.
  • Barpu Glacier:
    Barpu Glacier has an elevation of 3344 meters. Also, Barpu Glacier is situated northwest of Phahi Phari, west of Rush Lake. Hoper village is the base camp of Barpu Glacier
  • Mier Glacier:
    Mier Glacier has an elevation of 3400 meters ( 11154.86 feet ), It is located comes after the Barpu glacier with Miar peak in Nagar Valley. Moreover, the rush lake is located about 15 km north of Miar Peak and glacier.
Hoper Glacier in Summer - Rozefstourism.com

Lakes in Hoper Valley

There is a lake in Hoper valley named Rush Lake. It is a high-altitude lake located near Rush Pari Peak. At 4,694 meters (15400 feet). Rush Lake is one of the highest alpine lakes in the world. It is located about 15 km north of Miar Peak and Spantik, which are in the Nagar Valley. It gets completely frozen during winter, and the best time to visit Rush lake is from July to August. Summer is the perfect time to visit Hoper valley.

Rush Lake - Rozefs Tourism
Rush Lake – Rozefs Tourism

Peaks in Hoper Valley

Hoper Valley boasts famous glaciers as well as mountain peaks. It includes the following peaks:

  • Golden Peak:
    Golden Peak is popular for High Degree Altitude, with an Elevation of 7,027 meters (23,054 feet). You can also enjoy the view of Rakaposhi from here. 
  • Bawalter Peak:
    Bawalter peak is where the Hoper Glacier starts from. Its elevation is 7126 meters (23379 feet).
  • Spantic Peak or Mier Peak:
    Spantic peak is where Miers glacier starts from, with an elevation of 7257 meters (23,809 feet)

Seasons in Hoper

The Valley receives spring season which starts from April to June, From July to September it receives summer. In October the Valley receives Autumn and from November to march its winter, during this period there is huge snowfall.

If you want to visit Hoper Valley in summer, it is going to be lush green, just like the picture below:

Hoper Valley in Summer - Rozefstourism.com

In winter the valley looks like this:

Hoper Valley in Winter - Rozefstourism.com

Moreover, here is what the Hoper Glacier looks like in Winter:

Hoper Glacier in Winter - Rozefstourism.com

Hoper Valley Weather

Hoper valley constantly receives snow throughout the year on the peaks. However, the valley receives pretty normal weather from June to October, after that the weather gets windy and pretty cold. This is because of the glaciers and their natural habitat.

Hoper Valley Weather - Rozefstourism.com

Paragliding in Hoper Valley

Rozefs tourism offers paragliding services in the Hoper Valley. Here are the things to know about paragliding in the valley:

  • Paragliding in the valley is not recommended for pregnant women.
  • As weight limit is a big concern in Paragliding activity, the weight limit is variable in different seasons of Year in Hoper. The best time to visit and paraglide in the valley is during summer, from June to October.
  • Any person suffering from anxiety issues or height phobia is not fit for paragliding.
  • You must avoid heavy food before Paragliding.
  • Do not carry items with you while paragliding in the valley, as it is not safe. Always keep your mobiles in zipped pockets or hand them over to Pilots as chances of slipping from the pocket in the air are always higher.
Paragliding in Hopar Valley Gilgit Hunza Nagar Valley - Rozefstourism.com

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