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Skardu Valley

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If you’ve been thinking about visiting the northern parts of Pakistan, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Skardu Valley. You can fully explore Skardu Valley with the aid of this guide.

Thanks to the unique natural sites in its vicinity. If you’ve been dreaming of visiting a cold desert or an alpine plateau, Skardu is the perfect destination in Pakistan. And if you’re dying to sample some delicious Balti cuisine as well, it’s certainly time to pack your bags and plan a getaway to Skardu.

Due to the unique natural sites in Skardu Valley, it offers various types of places to visit such as cold desert, alpine plateau, big mountains, heritage and more. If you’re dying to sample some delicious Balti cuisine as well, it’s certainly time to pack your bags and plan a getaway to Skardu.


One of the most significant cities in the region, Skardu is located approximately 2,230 meters (about 1.39 mi) above sea level in the eastern part of Pakistan’s northern Gilgit-Baltistan region. The city is situated directly along the Shigar and Indus rivers, which divide the Karakoram and Himalayan Mountain ranges. This strategic location bestows upon the region a distinctive landscape and ecosystem that is found nowhere else in the world.

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The climate of Skardu is milder than that of other northern Pakistani locations. The warmest months in valley are June through September, when highs of up to 30°C are common, and the coldest months are December through February, when lows of below zero are common. In between, expect temperatures of about 10°C. The months of December through May have the most rainfall.


Reaching Skardu has advantages and disadvantages. Fortunately, Skardu has its own airport, so it’s got more possibilities than most other locations in northern Pakistan. You can use the following to get to Skardu

• By air
• By road


Numerous hotels can be found in and around Skardu. Consider booking a room at one of the renowned hotels close to Skardu if you’re searching for a luxurious experience. This contains the Shangrila Resort surrounding Lower Kachura Lake and the Serena Shigar Hotel located inside Shigar Fort. Moreover, you can book best hotels in Skardu with us at affordable rates!



The second-highest alpine plateau in the world is found in the Deosai Plains near Skardu. Visit Deosai National Park to take in the breathtakingly vast and desolate scenery together with the waters of Kalapani, Barapani, and Sheosar Lake.



About one hour southeast of Skardu is the stunning waterfall known as Manthoka Waterfall. Manthoka Waterfall is surrounded by a tranquil, green valley and rises so spectacularly out of the mountains that it’s difficult to believe it’s man-made! Bathe in the crystal-clear water of the waterfall, snap pictures of the smooth streams and rainbows, and have a leisurely lunch in one of the most picturesque settings close to Skardu.



The stunning Shigar Valley is located along the Shigar River, about an hour’s drive northeast of Skardu. Take the picturesque route to the charming village of Shigar, where you may experience both traditional Balti village life and local architectural treasures like the historic wooden Khilangrong Mosque and Shigar Fort.

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One of the two well-known, frigid deserts near Skardu is Sarfarangah Desert. It is the ideal way to wrap up a trip to Shigar because it is situated in the Shigar Valley alongside the Shigar River. Enjoy the smooth sand and jumping into the tall dunes with your companions by taking off your shoes. But take caution—there may be sharp objects beneath the sand in some areas!

Sarfaranga Desert -Rozefs Tourism


The other chilly desert on Skardu, the Katpana Desert, is located much closer to the city. The Katpana Desert, which has a gorgeous lake in the middle and is surrounded by towering mountains, is particularly breathtaking in the winter when a smooth layer of snow covers the sand. In addition, the Katpana Desert is easily accessible year-round because of its proximity to Skardu Airport.

Katpana Cold Desert Skardu - Rozefs Tourism


Kachura is a community located around one hour northwest of Skardu, and it is well-known for the Upper and Lower Kachura Lakes. It takes fifteen minutes to get to the former one via a little woodland. At Lower Kachura Lake, swimming, fishing, and motorboating are popular pastimes.

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Located inside the magnificent Shangri-La Resort, one of Pakistan’s, if not the world’s, most breathtaking locations is the Lower Kachura Lake. In this veritable Eden on Earth, unwind for the afternoon amid the most lush landscape. Don’t forget to get some organic apple juice while sitting by the lake, which is formed like a heart. And if you want to be fancy, think about spending the night at the resort.

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Basho Valley

Bashu Valley is 8,800 feet (2682.24 meters) above sea level and is situated in Skardu’s Ronudu Division. It offers Fabolous view of lush green mountains with river flowing. Basho Valley is the most beautiful valley in Skardu with breath taking views. It is a must go place during Skardu Tour.

bashu valley Skardu - Rozefs Tourism


In all of Pakistan, Balti food is arguably the most underappreciated. Featuring a lot more carby comfort foods than spices, balti flavours and seasonings are considerably different from what you might be familiar to from other parts of Pakistan. Due to the difficulty in locating Balti cuisine in other regions of Pakistan.

Among the well-liked Balti meals are:

  • Papu: A creamy pesto-like sauce served over flat buckwheat pasta that resembles Korean tteok.
  • Mamtu: It is a steamed wheat pastries stuffed with yak, mutton, or beef.
  • German lentil soup: Similar to Balti lentil soup with a thick, mild stew made with lentils and vegetables.
  • Namkeen chai: A spicy milk tea with an incredible flavor enhanced by a tiny pinch of salt.


You have three options for getting around Skardu: renting a car, taking a tour, or hiring a private guide. Skardu’s attractions are not easily reached on foot. Depending on where you want to go, you can end up spending hours in the car. You will have to make your own travel arrangements because Skardu does not have a lot of public transit.

At Rozefs Tourism you can rent a car in Skardu to visit the entire valley with tour guide. 4×4 such as Landcruiser Prado is the best vehicle to travel and explore Skardu valley. Most tourists tend to drive 4×4 cars in cold deserts of Skardu! Most tourists rent cars from Islamabad for entire Skardu valley tour to enjoy each place without any hesitation.


Skardu’s distinctive terrain and exquisite Balti culture make it one of Pakistan’s top tourist destinations. Because of the city’s own airport, the area is far more accessible than other parts of northern Pakistan. Take a few days to visit every natural and cultural attraction on Skardu, and don’t forget to sample as much mouthwatering Balti cuisine as you can.

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