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Babusar Top Opened

Babusar Top Opening Update 2021: Babusar Top has opened on 8th June 2021, it is open nowadays for tourists, currently the weather is sunny, and authorities have tried hard to clear the glacier from the Babusar road.

Babusar Top Closing Update 2021: Babusar Top has been closed for tourists due to heavy snowfall on 23rd October 2021. It will remain closed until June 2022, when the authorities will clear the snow from the Babusar road. 

Babusar Top Road Update 22nd July 2021: Babusar Top road has been blocked for traffic due to landslides in Chilas from seven points. The tourists from both sides of the landslide areas of Karakoram Highway have been stranded. The authorities are working hard to open it for normal traffic flow.

Babusar Top Road Update 27th July 2021: Babusar top road from Chilas side has been opened for traffic flow. It was blocked due to land sliding on the road. As the road had been completely destroyed, now it is cleared by authorities with the crane.

Babusar Top Road Update 16th August 2021: Babusar road has been blocked due to landslides on Tatapani or Tata pani KKH. Authorities are working to remove the blockage, as the tourists from both sides of the KKH are stuck.

Babusar Top road update


However, there are few big stones on this landslide part of the road, so if you are traveling via car you need to be quite careful. Also, it is recommended to get off some passengers of the smaller vehicle in this area.

Babusar Top Road Update 10th October 2021:

Babusar Top road has been blocked for traffic due to heavy snowfall. Traffic has been stuck due to sudden snowfall, as the road is slippery for vehicles to travel. The authorities are working to open the road for normal traffic flow.

Babusar top road is blocked due to heavy snow fall in Oct- Tourists trying to push their car on babusar top road while it snowfalls

Babusar Top Road Update 17th October 2021:

Babusar road has been closed due to heavy snowfall yesterday night. It will remain closed till the authorities clear the snow from the road for normal traffic flow.

Usually Babusar top opens around in June, and it closes in October due to the heavy snow. All the areas receive heavy snow, for instance, Lulusar lake gets snow-covered as well. Additionally, it depends on the Babusar weather, if it gets clear then it can possibly be opened by the 2nd week of June or even before that. On the other hand, if the Babusar weather doesn’t clear up in June, then the authorities try their best to open it in July for the public. In case Babusar road is closed then vehicles use the Besham Koshistan route with KKH as an alternate for Gilgit. The reopening of the Babusar pass always attracts a huge number of tourists to Natan and Kaghan valleys and also Gilgit Baltistan.

Babusar Top

Babusar Top or the Babusar pass is a mountain pass in northern Pakistan, 150 Km from Kaghan Valley, it connects with Chilas on the Karakoram Highway. Babusar top is one of the famous tourist attraction point in the Naran and Kaghan valley, also it is the highest point in the Babusar Valley, it is accessible by car. Moreover, Babusar Pass is located at the height of 13,690ft, the view of the top is super amazing. It is a must-stop point if you’re visiting Hunza, Nagar, Attabad, or Gilgit. Moreover, in summer the Naran and Kaghan get open via Balakot, while Jhalkand and Batakundi are cleared.

Babusar Top Pass Road:

Babusar Top Pass is a mountain pass at an average elevation of 13,691ft above sea level. The top of Babusar is the highest place in the whole Kaghan Valley, KPK, Pakistan. The distance from Naran to Babusar is 65 KM (1:50 min). It connects the Naran and Kaghan Valley via Thak Nala with the Chilas area on the Karakoram Highway (KKH).


Moreover, it is best to take eatables with you as the facilities are nearly unavailable. Babusar top Pass is around 80 km from Naran Nalley. The natural scenery is amazing on the way to Babusar from Kaghan valley. Additionally, Battakundi is 16 km away from Naran valley and it provides access to Dodiputsar lake, Lalazar Plateau, and Lulusar lake.

Battakundi Babusar Road

The road is wide and well after Naran, with some patches, however, it is recommended to have a low weight or high power vehicle, as some turns on the way to Babusar pass are pretty dangerous. The road is usually slippery when the pass opens, so need to take measures accordingly.

Babusar pass road

Nowadays, the new road is under construction from Naran to Babusar, so some of the roads are temporarily closed, and partially opened for traffic flow. The mountains around the Babusar are at 13,691 ft, so the area is pretty cold. Therefore, the mountains around the pass are covered with snow, giving an amazing view. On the right side, you can easily spot snow-covered peaks of Kashmir, while the northeast gives an interesting view of Nanga Parbat.

Naran Kaghan

Naran Kaghan valleys are just before Babusar, the distance is around 150 Km. Tourists usually take an overnight stay at Naran hotels, and the next morning they leave for Babusar top or Gilgit. Valleys are rich with lush green mountains with an amazing view of nature. However, valleys receive heavy snowfall during winters, and the road sometimes gets blocked. The road does open after clearing the snow, for traffic flow till Naran. It is important to check the weather forecast before traveling to these areas.


Naran Kaghan road
Naran Kaghan Closing Update 2021: Naran Kaghan Valleys have been closed for tourists due to heavy snowfall on 23rd December 2021. It will remain closed until May 2022, when the snow will melt and authorities will clear the snow remaining from the Naran Kaghan road.

Lulusar Lake

Lulusar Lake is located on the way to Babusar, in Kaghan Valley, KPK, Pakistan. The Babusar top road gets closed in Winter due to the heavy snow. The Lulusar lake road opens a few weeks before opening the Babusar Top road. It is one of the largest lakes in Pakistan. Moreover, the lake gets frozen & snow-covered in the winters.

Lulusar lake


Babusar Top Weather:

Babusar top weather is usually cloudy in summers. However, due to heavy snowfall in winters, it gets closed for traffic. As Babusar top road opens in June, however, the road still gets slippery as the snow from the sides of the road melts. The height of Babusar is 13,691 feet, and also it receives rains more often. So, it is recommended to drive on a 4×4 vehicle with the required equipment with less load, also you need to check the weather forecast.

For instance, here is the picture of Babusar road in June:

Babusar top weather
Babusar Top Road in June

The distance from Babusar top to Hunza Valley is 251 km (156.0 mi). The road is paved till Chillas check post, then the road is under construction in some areas. The condition of the road can take up to 5 hours to get to Hunza Valley from the opened Babusar top.

Here is how the Babusar road looks like:

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