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Attabad Lake is located in the Gojal Valley, Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. The lake is 14Km long, it was born after a natural disaster in Attabad village. This Lake is full of chilly blue water, which slit into the lake from nearby glaciers and from the Hunza river. Moreover, there are many hotels and resorts built around the Lake as tourism in Attabad Lake is booming. Additionally, there are various activities that take place around the lake for the tourists, like boating, jet skiing, fishing, and many more.

Attabad Lake emerged in Hunza Valley after a massive landslide disaster in mountains of Attabad village in 2010. Due to the change of direction of the Hunza river, water started to gather in steep areas which took 8 months to form the lake. 

The depth of Attabad lake is 109 meters (357.6 feet). It is one of the deepest lakes in Pakistan with an altitude of 2,559 meters (8,396 ft). During winter, it gets frozen.

As the majestic Attabad lake did not even exist before 2010, here is how it got into the formation we see today.

Attabad Lake Formation:

It was formed in 2010 after a major landslide in the area, which destroyed Attabad Village. The flow of the Hunza river was blocked, and the water started filling the deep landslide area. Months later, the Hunza river water gave birth to the natural lake, and water started flowing over the landslide area. As the name of the town was Attabad, so the lake is known as Attabad Lake.

However, by the time a lake came to complete formation, around 25,000 individuals had been affected either by the landslide or the flood. The Pakistani government also provided aid to the victims. Thankfully, the natural dam held at the end of the landslide area. As a result, the disaster came an unexpected attraction that has led to a big boom in tourism in the area. Additionally, Attabad Lake is one of the main attraction points in Gilgit-Baltistan and a must-visit for tourists.

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Submerged Karakoram Highway (KKH) :

In 2010, the part near Attabad village of the famous Karakoram Highway (KKH) was submerged due to a landslide in the Hunza Valley. However, in 2015, the road was replaced with the construction of these masterpiece tunnels, also known as Pakistan-China Friendship Tunnels.

There are 5 tunnels at 8,200 ft above sea level, the tunnels are new and totally paved. The newly built section is 24 KM (15 miles) long and comprises two bridges with 78 culverts, and five tunnels with a total length of 7 KM, it all costed around $275 million. The tunnels have helped to restore access for tourists traveling between China and Islamabad.

Attabad Lake in Summer:

The lake has chilly blue water in summers, as the surrounding glaciers melt and the water silts into the lake. Summer is the best time to make a tour of Attabad Lake, you can enjoy a stay at Attabad lake as well. As there many hotels & resorts are built around the lake.

Attabad Lake in Summer

Attabad Lake in Winter:

The lake gets frozen during winter, and it receives snowfall during December and January. Additionally, the surrounding mountains are usually covered in snow, which gives an amazing view. As activities like boating are possible, tourists go ice skating in Attabad Jheel.

Attabad Lake Frozen

Activities at Attabad Lake:

There are various activities that take place on and around the lake, including boating, jet skiing, and fishing.

Ice skating is also possible as it gets completely frozen during winters. As tourism is rising, an increasing number of hotels and guesthouses have been built around the lake, as well as campsites.


Boating is a must if you are visiting the lake in summer. The boats are traditionally decorated, the scenery gets more and more amazing as the boat gets into the middle of the lake.

Jet Skiing

The deep blue water of the lake gives the perfect scenario for jet skiing. It is considered one of the best things to do at the lake for tourists.


The lake has trout fish in it, so if you’re into fishing, then it is also possible.

Ice Skating

The Lake gets frozen during winters, making it the perfect place for ice skating.


You can also swim in Attabad’s deep blue water at your own risk. You can also use swimming accessories for a better experience if you’re not a pro swimmer. 

Places to visit near Attabad Lake

Before arriving at Attabad lake, you come through Gilgit city, Nagar Valley, and Hunza. There are many popular touristic places to visit after Attabad Lake.  

Hussaini Bridge

Kilometer-long Hussaini bridge in Hunza is considered the most dangerous bridge in the world of tourism. It has 100 ft height from the Hunza river that flows underneath, connecting Shishkat village to other side villages of Hunza River. 

Passu Cones:

Passu Cones or Golden peaks are cone-shaped pointy mountains located in Gojal Valley, Hunza. Passu cones are 23 KM away from Attabad Lake, it takes around 30 minutes with a normal car drive. 
Attabad Lake with view of Passu Cones -  rozefstourism.com
Khunjerab Pass:
Khunjerab Pass is the last mountain pass that connects Pakistan with China with a height of 4,693 m. It is located 150KM away from Attabad Lake. 

Stay at Attabad Lake:

There are many thematic hotels and resorts built around Attabad lake. Some hotels offer Igloo and huts as well. Staying at Attabad lake resort is really exciting, the bonfire at the bank of the lake makes the tour complete.

Moreover, the water of the lake shines like a crystal during full moon night. Here is what it looks like:

Just before the winters, it snows in the Hunza region, well as Attabad Lake during November. The lake gives an amazing view of snow-covered surrounding mountains, here is the view:attabad lake view with snow covered mountains  in the back - tour with family

Best time to Visit Attabad Lake 

Summer is the best time to visit Attabad Lake, during December and January it gets completely frozen. If you’re into ice skating then winter is the best time to visit the lake. During summer you can perform many activities at the lake such as boating, jet skiing, fishing, and swimming.  

Where to Eat in Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake has many surrounding restaurants and cafés serving delicious food. You can try out Sweet tooth cafe to have a nice breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, or tea. You can also take barbeque equipment to Attabad lake in the evening and enjoy it with a stunning view.   

Accessibility and Climate:

Attabad Lake is accessible during summer and winter. It gives a pleasant view during summer and gets Frozen at the end of December and the start of January.

Attabad Lake’s Impact on Tourism in Gilgit

Attabad Lake has been the centerpiece of tourism in the region for years. Located at an altitude of 2,500 meters, the stunning blue waters of the lake have captivated visitors from all over the world. Not only do the stunning views attract tourists, but the local culture, cuisine, and hospitality are second to none. The recent impact of the artificial lake on tourism in the region is undeniable.

How the Lake has Impacted Tourism

The creation of Attabad Lake has had a huge impact on the tourism industry in Gilgit. Before the lake was formed, the region was a popular destination for tourists looking to experience the stunning scenery and unique cultural elements of the region. Now, the lake has become a major attraction. Tourists flock to the region to witness the majestic mountain ranges and the crystal-clear waters of the lake. The region has also become a popular spot for water sports, fishing, and other recreational activities. As a result, the local economy has seen a huge boost due to increased tourism.

The Economic Benefits of the Lake

The economic benefits of the lake are undeniable. Attabad Lake has created numerous jobs in the region, ranging from tourism to fishing and other recreational activities. The lake has also attracted investments from both local and foreign businesses, which has created an influx of money into the region. With the influx of money, the local population has been able to purchase goods and services, which has created a ripple effect in the local economy.

The Negative Impact of the Lake

Despite the numerous benefits of the lake, there are some downsides. Over the years, the lake has caused severe flooding and landslides in the region, which has resulted in the displacement of hundreds of people.

Attabad Lake Video

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